Hypnotherapy can be helpful with a large variety of issues.

By accessing the subconscious mind, we are able to get to the root of a problem and can thereby resolve it.
Below, you can find a list of potential areas of application.

Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias

Forms of anxiety are completely normal and serve as a protective mechanism. However, sometimes it can get out of hand and become a problem in our everyday lives.

Hypnosis can help you overcome those fears
and allow you to live a carefree life.
Anxiety, fears, and phobias are very treatable through hypnotherapy. We are able to replace negative thought patterns and behaviors in your subconscious mind with positive ones.

We can work on areas such as Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks, or Self-worth and Confidence.

Depression & Stress Management

Depression and stressful conditions are often associated with dysfunctional emotional states and resolving these can provide us with a renewed sense of joy in life.

Hypnotherapy can be key
to gaining a peace of mind. It can help us get life back into balance and overcome depressive thought patterns and learn to better cope with stressful situations.

We can work on areas such as Depression, Burnout, Stress Management or Sleep Disorders.

Chronic Pain & Physical Ailments

Clients who suffer from chronic pain and other physical ailments have often already gone through various other forms of treatment with limited success.

Hypnotherapy is able to help where many other forms of modern medicine have failed.
By uncovering the root of your ailments and activating your self-healing powers, it is possible to achieve great results and regain an improved quality of life.

We can work on such areas such as Asthma, Pain Relief, Speach Disorders or Recovery after an injury.

Addictions, Allergies, and Eating Disorders

Addictions, allergies, or eating disorders can get in the way of living our best lives. They can cause further health issues and even impact our mental well-being.

With hypnotherapy, we are able to break unwanted behavioral patterns and provide a long-term solution to these concerns. We can get rid of our smoking or alcohol addictions, root-out allergies, and stop the urge to over-eat.

We can work on areas such as Stop Smoking, Allergies, Hay Fever, or Weight Loss.

Service Overview

In the following section, you'll find an overview about the services and methods that I provide. My clients can benefit from a wide variety of techniques that are all aimed towards different outcomes. Together, they provide a holistic approach and a beautiful journey towards self-discovery and healing.

Hypnotherapy – R2C

R2C – or Regression to Cause – provides the base of my hypnotherapy practise. Here, we delve deep to uncover the roots of your challenges, aiming to treat symptoms and heal from the core. Instead of trying to put a band-aid on symptoms, we want to get to the underlying cause and heal that.

Most mental and physical problems that we face can be traced back to a triggering event in our past that created both mental and physical responses inside us. With a successful R2C session, we can unlock immediate and lasting transformations and achieve healing from within.

Ultra Healing

Ultra Healing uses hypnosis in order to activate our own self-healing powers. Here, we’ll first go to a very deep state of hypnosis and from there to a higher sphere. A sphere that presents a place of healing, of understanding and perception. Here, clarity dawns, solutions emerge, and healing flows effortlessly. Feel this transformative sphere's vitality, empowerment, and sheer energy. It’s a sphere where we feel good, energized, and powerful.

Ultra Healing provides a great tool for a follow-up session. As we want to reach a deep state of hypnosis, it is advantageous if we’re already familiar with going into hypnosis and the feelings associated with it.

Cell Hypnosis

Unlock the secret language of your body's foundation: cells. Within these tiny powerhouses lies the key to self-healing and vitality. They present the basic building blocks to all living things and are the smallest living organisms in our body, practically having a life of their own.

With Cell Hypnosis, we’re now able to communicate and work directly with our cells. This allows us to activate our own self-healing mechanisms which can be of great help when it comes to physical ailments and injuries. We can prepare our bodies for surgery, limiting the inflicted shock and trauma to it, we can recover faster from existing injuries and heal elements of our body that are sick. Your body has the blueprint for carrying out all these tasks and healing itself. With Cell Hypnosis, we’re directing the body to do just that.


Every hypnosis is technically a self-hypnosis. Unlock the power of self-hypnosis and take control of your mind's potential. Learn to dive into the depths of your consciousness with ease and speed. In just three sessions, master the art of self-hypnosis, unleashing positive change and inner rejuvenation. Join me for an initial hour-long and two 20-minute sessions to reinforce your skills. It's easy, it's natural, and it's for everyone.

Bring your friends, and benefit from group discounts.

Life Coaching

As a certified Life- and Success Coach, I focus on personal development and mindset coaching. Whether you're clear on your goals or in need of some more guidance, I've got your back. I help my clients get unstuck and make use of proven coaching techniques to identify and pursue goals. Together, we’ll build tailored strategies that will propel you to succeed and help overcome obstacles in the process.

While therapy delves into the past, my coaching process looks toward the future. Together, they present a holistic blend for your transformation.

Learn more about my coaching offer here.

Group Workshop – Corporate / Teams

Unlock the power of group workshops tailored to your team's needs! Dive into stress relief, boost productivity, or master the art of self-hypnosis—whatever fuels your workplace's success. From quick 30-minute bursts to deep dives spanning hours, the choice is yours. Conveniently hosted at your office, these workshops are crafted to fit your schedule and objectives. Alternatively, I could also organize off-sites and team events.

Let's customize a proposal to spark your team's growth and well-being!

What would a Hypnotherapy session look like?

Free Consultation

I will answer any questions or concerns you have about hypnosis and we can discuss how hypnotherapy and coaching can help you overcome the challenges you are facing.

I charge 150CHF per hour and in this call, we can further discuss the pricing and treatment plan, as it may vary according to your needs.

First Session

The first session will usually take between 2-3 hours. It will start with a detailed conversation about your current situation, your expectations, and wishes, and also include an introduction to hypnosis.

We will then go into hypnosis in order to get to the root of your problem in order to solve your challenge at the source. I usually use the R2C methods described above in the first session.

Over 80% of my clients are able to either solve their problem after the first session or otherwise already feel a great sense of improvement.

Follow-Up Sessions

We schedule follow-up sessions in order to reinforce the results of the first session and ensure lasting success. They are not always required and we will decide on a case-by-case basis.

Many of the above mentioned services could be used as a follow-up session.